Spiritual Mentoring

Vaughan Park is an oasis for stranger or friend seeking to discover life in all its fullness.

We can offer spiritual mentoring to help you reflect on your life and faith, to draw closer to your God, hear God’s voice more clearly and discern God’s grace in your life.

When might Spiritual Mentoring be helpful?

  • when you seem to be at a crossroads in your search for God
  • when you would like to explore new ways of praying
  • when you feel the desire to become open to a new or renewed relationship with God
  • when you need some help and encouragement to discern the call of the Spirit in your life choices
  • when you feel that you would like a companion on your spiritual quest and journey.

How does Spiritual Mentoring happen in practice?
It takes place in the context of confidential, one-on-one or group sessions. How often you meet with a Spiritual Mentor varies – it may be every two months, once a month or more frequently.

Finding a Spiritual Mentor
If you are interested in meeting with someone to explore how they might help you, please contact our Operations Manager, Marion Nickerson, admin@vaughanpark.org.nz
We have several Spiritual Mentors who offer their time and spiritual experience at Vaughan Park…Marion Baker, Barbara MacMillan and Hilary Smith.

The cost per session is $65 or what can be afforded.

If you live farther away, we can put you in touch with others who can help.

To find out more about spiritual mentoring and the contemplative tradition, see, www.sgm.org.nz and www.contemplative.org.nz.