Scholar's Presentation

Sacred Image and its Language

Mary Jane Miller, Vaughan Park Resident Scholar, Artist and Iconographer

Sacred Image and its Language: Deepening our faith through Thought and Image

This four week series promises lively contemporary discussions on Iconography, a tradition that dates back 1,500 years.  The presentations will explore the meaning and message of ancient icons and what they have to say about contemporary life. The series will open with Feast Day Icons, followed by a presentation on the relationship of Mary and Jesus. The third and fourth presentations will include St. Francis, Women in Iconography and new directions in iconography. The entire series will represent both ancient work, contemporary iconographers and her own collections.

The history of Byzantine iconography shaped a good deal of the early church.  Its images are the foundation of doctrine and theology for much of the Christian faith today. The origin of the tradition evolved precisely because people could not read or write. The images were painted as a visual language to be contemplated. We will explore how icons are painted as a prayer form and why contemplating ancient image has always been central to religious experience.

Contemporary Icons

Iconography Retreats

Byzantine style classic Icons

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Thursdays 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th October 2019

 7pm—8.30pm followed with supper

No charge 

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