Resourcing Monday’s Ministries

With Bishop Bruce Gilberd (CNZM)

9 April 2021

Resourcing Monday’s Ministries

Bishop Bruce Gilberd will offer leadership over the weekend, and topics covered will include:
The various contexts of our lives Monday to Saturday, in which we aim to be effective disciples of Jesus our Lord and brother.
Focussing in whom and on what our lives are anchored.
Locating resources for our task – so we are better equipped.  
Clues and hints on fruitfully engaging the various contexts we move in, especially the workplace.
Consideration of case studies, and preparation for Sunday worship.
Commissioning and planning re-entry aims, and a review of the weekend.

Each person will receive a work book, and the weekend will be punctuated with spaces, dialogue and prayer.


Friday 9th April 2021, 6:00pm – Sunday 11th April 2021, 1:00pm

$320.00 per person (includes retreat, full catering and two night’s accommodation, with the Workbook)

Email to book your place



About Bishop Bruce Gilberd (CNZM)

Bishop Bruce has a life-long interest and involvement in “Living by Faith on Monday”. He has a background in science and theology, and worked in parishes, education and industry as a priest, and as Anglican Bishop of Auckland 1985 – 1994. If you wish to contact him he is at and 07 864 8727.