Retreats and Online Reflections 2020

Vaughan Park is a place of hospitality, conversation, healing and spiritual encounter and offers an oasis of peace to all people. At its heart is the Ruatara Chapel where we offer rhythms of daily prayer and contemplation.

Each year we create a retreat programme to support and inspire your journey of discovery, transformation, faith, creativity, wellness or curiosity. However, because of the effects of the global pandemic, we took the decision to cancel our full Retreat Programme for this year. Since we moved to Level One, we are now able to offer two retreats and also some online reflections.  

We hope that in the fullness of time, you will come, visit and stay with us awhile and see how this beautiful space and place will endear itself to you. Relax, share, enjoy and find purpose in all the ways that you are seeking to enrich your life.