Conversations about Covid 19

A three part series

with Linda Gow and Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith

4 May 2020

Conversations about Covid 19

We invited Linda Gow, Christian and Clinical Psychologist to facilitate a retreat on Mindfulness and Christianity on 28th May. Her retreat has been postponed because of COVID 19 restrictions and we hope to offer it later in the year.

We asked Linda and Hilary to share their insights and reflections in a series of three conversations which they hope will give meaning, awareness and some practical ways to respond to the ongoing emotional impact on us of the Covid 19 pandemic – as people of faith or of no faith, and as those who care for and support others in a professional or personal capacity.

Conversation One: Fear and Anxiety.

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Helpful Links from Conversation One

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation and Prayer
The Contemplative Network Aotearoa New Zealand;
Fr. Richard Rohr, Centre for Action and Contemplation;
The World Community for Christian Meditation; 

May Calendar from Action for Happiness

Covid 19 Health and Wellbeing, NZ Govt.;
1737 Helpline Number @ the Mental Health Foundation; 

Conversation Two: Grief and Loss – to be uploaded soon.

Conversation Three: Frustration and Anger – to be uploaded soon.