Towards the Light

Rev Joy MacCormick

25 September 2019

Every life journey passes through times of darkness and struggle.  When clouds obscure the sun, or the darkness of the night of pain and grief seems impenetrable or never ending, it can be hard to hold on to hope that the situation will ever change; that beyond the clouds the sun still actually shines. 

This retreat will be an opportunity to explore the part played by resistance, reconciliation and hope in helping us survive hard times.  Through discussion, reflection and poetry (including some ideas from Joy’s book Against the Dark)  we will look at such questions as:

How have resistance, reconciliation and hope
     affected our decisions and actions?

What is the positive power of resistance?

To whom or what do we need to be reconciled?

How realistic is hope?

Where is God in the darkness?

A few art materials will be provided but please bring any creative media you particularly like to use.


Rev. Joy MacCormick

9.30am Wednesday 25th — 4pm Thursday 26th September 2019

Option 1: $135 includes retreat and catering
Option 2: $192 includes retreat,
catering and over night accommodation

To register please email