Labyrinths in the Sand: Mystics, Muses and Metaphors

Dr. Sally Longley - Canisius Centre for Ignatian Spirituality, Sydney, Australia

8 November 2019

Labyrinths offer ways to pray that engage our whole beings, and not just the top five centimetres of our heads. Have you ever wondered what a labyrinth was for, or wanted to make your own labyrinth? Come and pray as we make labyrinths in the sand and then walk them, using some of the passages from John’s gospel to guide us. We will make both the classic and the Chartres, and explore the ways they offer different prayer experiences. (If the weather is too poor, we will make and then use a temporary indoor labyrinth). 

From 6pm Friday 8th to 4pm Sunday 10th November 2019
Option 1: $279 includes retreat and catering
Option 2: $385 includes retreat, catering and two nights accommodation


“O gather up the brokenness / And bring it to me now / The fragrance of those promises / You never dared to vow.” Just as Leonard Cohen invites us into his song, Come Healing, so the Labyrinth invites us to “gather up… and bring” into this sacred space both our brokenness as well as the tender fragrance of our dreams.

The labyrinth wonderfully enables us to engage our imaginations as we step into it as a metaphor for our lives. Mystics, muses as well as metaphors from John’s gospel will be our prisms of wisdom, as we venture into the mystery of God’s presence, discovering the vital role of our imaginations. In a world where reasoning is given precedence over imagination, it is worth reminding ourselves that reason helps us comprehend, whilst imagination enables us to apprehend. We need both! 

So come, gather up what you are carrying, and bring it to a weekend of encounter with the spirit who transforms and transfigures each one of us.

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