Labyrinths in the Sand

Sally Longley

8 November 2019

Labyrinths offer ways to pray that engage our whole beings, and not just the top five centimetres of our heads. Have you ever wondered what a labyrinth was for, or wanted to make your own labyrinth? Come and pray as we make labyrinths in the sand and then walk them, using some of the passages from John’s gospel to guide us. We will make both the classic and the Chartres, and explore the ways they offer different prayer experiences. (If the weather is too poor, we will make and then use a temporary indoor labyrinth). 


Sally Longley (International leader)

6pm Friday 8th—4pm Sunday 10th November 2019

Option 1: $279 includes retreat and catering

Option 2: $385 includes retreat, catering and
two nights accommodation

 To register please email