Hermits, Anchorites and Sacred Consecrated Lives:

Learnings for living a Solitary Life of Prayer in Contemporary Church and Society

Erice Fairbrother SCL

14 June 2019

This retreat is for anyone who has felt the call to live a more prayer focussed life, or at some stage has felt drawn to entering a religious order, or who is just plain curious!

We will explore what draws us to reflect on the meaning of a solitary life today.  Is it for me? Is it unfinished business in my spiritual life? Can I be “enclosed” yet still live in the world?  Are there contemporary hermits, anchorites and solitaries in our churches? What relationship does the Solitary have with church/parish life? How do I begin the journey?

The retreat will offer a balance between silence, thedaily office and times of shared reflection.


Erice Fairbrother SCL;
Benedictine Solitary in the
Order of the Holy Cross New Zealand

6pm Friday 14th—4pm Sunday 16th June 2019

Option 1: $219 includes retreat and catering

Option 2: $325 includes retreat, catering and
two nights accommodation

To register please email