Companioning Those Who Are Grieving FULLY BOOKED

A seminar for caregivers

The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith

13 April 2019

We daily experience the effects of grief personally as well as among clients/residents, colleagues and in our larger communities. We often wonder how to be more present, more compassionate,  more helpful in the midst of loss. If we are honest, we can struggle at times whether or not to avoid those in obvious pain, in part because we are out of ideas or just don’t feel up to the task of consoling yet another person. It takes atoll on us.

This day seminar will help you to identify your own strengths as well as areas of new learning that will benefit you personally and professionally.

There will be a screening of the award-winning documentary film, “Voices of Grief: Honoring the Sacred Journey” which is exclusively available in Aotearoa New Zealand through a partnership between the film-makers and Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith. 

Some themes from the film will be imaginatively explored in a variety of ways, enabling you to offer a more confident and complete response to grief, mourning and reconciliation and to be encouraged and sustained as a caregiver. 


Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith

9.30am—4.00pm Saturday 13th April 2019

$80 (includes retreat and catering)
To register please email