Fire and Emergencies

Your safety is important to us.

An assembly map will be given to theLeader of each group when they report to Reception on arrival.

For evacuation please walk quickly and:

  1. Report to the Disabled Car Park opposite Reception
  2. Report to your designated Fire Warden
  3. Guests who have indicated that they require assistance on the Guest Register will be allocated an Area Warden for evacuation purposes.
  4. Your designated Fire Warden, who will be identified with orange armbands, will report to the Vaughan Park Area Warden about the status of your group.
  5. Your designated Fire Warden will keep you in the safety area until further instructions.
  6. Guests can only return to building when the “All clear” is given either by the Fire Service or the Site Warden/s who are identified with orange vests.